War Memorial 1921

War Memorial 1921

The War Memorial Monument known as the Soldiers’ Monument commemorates The Great War I – 1914 – 1919, World War II – 1939 -1945 and the Korean War. Thorold’s War Memorial, located in Memorial Park, was unveiled on Sunday, October 30, 1921 and was erected by the citizens of Thorold to:

“Honour the Memory of the Men of Thorold, who gave their lives for the cause of freedom in the great war, and in grateful remembrance of those who shared its dangers.”

Tribute is paid to Thorold’s fallen heroes each year on Decoration Day and Remembrance Day. The War Memorial is a landmark in our City and an important part of our history. Our whole community, through this memorial, shows their reverence and respect for those citizens who served their country and who made the ultimate sacrifice. Their names live forever on our memorial, and are permanently enshrined in the history of the City.

Designation of this memorial under the Ontario Heritage Act serves to recognize, protect and celebrate this landmark as an important part of our history, and as a dedication to those who fought for freedom. War Memorials serve to remind us of our heritage and those who gave up their lives to protect it. They give us a sense of pride in our communities and are an educational tool for young and old alike. This designation is for the historical aspects of the monument.

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