Guidelines for Recognition Plaques

(Recognition plaques are normally installed if the property does not qualify for full designation, but has some cultural heritage value associated with it.)

When the installation is at the request of the property owner

1. Each case will be dealt with on an individual basis, considering the following:

  • the interest of the property owner
  • importance and condition of the property
  • the owner(s) has any historical or background information on the property to contribute to the research

2. Determine if the site/house has any known important features ….eg.

  • Architectural
  • Cultural
  • Historical

3. Determine if the owner(s) is willing to look after the cost of the plaque, engraving and stand and pay the supplier direct (approx. $600. including tax)

4. LACAC will look after the following :

a) hire and pay a qualified researcher to research the property and supply a report to LACAC. This report will supply sufficient information for the wording on the plaque – e.g.

  • Historical information of interest
  • Cultural features of interest
  • Architectural features of interest

A copy of the research report will be presented to the property owner when the plaque is installed.

b) design and order the plaque and stand

  • arrange for installation through the Works Department at a location desired by the property owner (taking into account a “locates” procedure to determine underground installations)

When the installation is at the request of LACAC there is no charge to the property owner and LACAC looks after all the steps needed to have the plaque installed (at a location chosen by the property owner and subject to a “locates” procedure to determine underground installations).

Guidelines drawn up July, 2014.
Approved by committee July, 2014.