Information for:

  • those considering designation,
  • those who already own a designated property,
  • or are interested in purchasing a designated property

. . . in the City of Thorold

If you are a present owner of a designated property or are planning to purchase one, you will be among the more than 50 property owners presently in the City of Thorold who are in the prestigious position of owning a property which has cultural heritage value, architectural value and historical value to the City of Thorold and to our country. Studies conducted by the University of Waterloo over the years, show us that designation increases the value of a property over time.

Designation requires a by-law to be passed by the City to indicate that the property has, in fact, been designated. With the passing of this by-law the owner(s) become stewards of an important site in the City of Thorold. With designation always comes pride of ownership of a designated site.

In order to keep the architectural features of the building in tact, it is required under the Ontario Heritage Act* that the property owner consult with the local Municipal Heritage Committee (LACAC) if changes, alterations, additions or deletions are planned for the exterior of the building. The local committee can be of assistance to the owner in their planning so that the changes are in keeping with the age of the property and that the final result will retain the original architecture of that era. No doubt, you have seen many older homes where additions have been made which are unsuitable to the original building, when, in fact, the alterations could have been made to compliment it.

The local committee is available to help the designated property owner, or to give them advice on their heritage home. As well, the complete research report which was done by a qualified researcher on the site at the time of designation, regularly has a great deal of information on the history and architecture of the building which can be helpful in making proposed changes. A copy of this illustrated report is supplied to the owner and with this report he is able “to take a walk through history” and discover how his building played a part in it.

Our committee meets once a month (12 meetings per year) – the first Tuesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. (unless it is a holiday). It is an open meeting and you are free to attend whenever assistance is needed. Confirm with the Secretary that the meeting date has not been cancelled or changed, the meeting location, and that you would like to attend; you will then be put on the Agenda for the meeting.

Secretary Phone – 905-227-5261 Email: joeprytula@gmail.com

There are 10 members on our committee, 7 of whom live in designated homes in Thorold.

Designation under the Ontario Heritage Act is a step forward when the owner(s) of a heritage home are considering designation; they then become part of our growing group of Thorold sites which are protected for future generations to admire and enjoy as part of Canada’s history.

Thorold is becoming a popular tourism destination with the focus on three attractions in our City — cycling, Welland Canal and heritage. Studies show us that tourists are seeking out a cultural heritage experience. Many communities, have heritage conservation districts, (eg. Niagara-on-the-Lake’s business area) which are designated under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act, and which are a great attraction to visitors and tourists.

Check out our extensive list below to view the other sites in the City of Thorold which have received designation.

*The Ontario Heritage Act (1st enacted March 5, 1975) can be viewed on line.