Carroll-Tracy House

An ashlar front and rubble stone sides

Carroll-Tracy House c.1865

Originally part of a crown grant to the Quaker, John Hill Sr. in 1801, the property on which this house stands later formed part of Dr. Henry Rolls’ village sub-division.

This Georgian style building appears to have been erected by Matthew Carroll in c. 1865 with stone from the local quarries that had been excavated for construction of the 2nd Welland Canal. The house has an ashlar (cut stone) front and rubble stone sides. The straight rows of stone and narrow bands of mortar are suggestive of the work of Scottish stone masons. Throughout the house, holes and thimbles for stove pipes give evidence of the era when it was heated by wood-burning stoves.

Among its owners was the Hon. Jas. G. Currie, speaker and Liberal member of the Ontario legislature (1871-79) before it became the residence of the Tracy family for more than a century.

Map to the Property

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