Carr Millar McMillan Block

Adding to the charm of Thorold’s Downtown core

Carr Millar McMillan Block c.1868

Historical Value

This brick building, built by Thomas D.Scott, a confectioner/baker, and Geo.F.Florey, a merchant and miller, displayed features of the Italianate style and used innovative materials such as cast iron and plate glass. In 1877 Matthew X.Carr, a bookseller, operated a stationery/musical goods store in the building. At one time it was known as Carr’s Block. In 1881 John Heaton bought the property; he became the steamship agent and continued to operate the stationery business.

In 1883 the property was purchased by James Millar (the Millar House) who sold gentleman’s furnishings and dry goods. The Millar family lived above the store. James died in 1905 and his son, David E.Millar managed the business for the next 15 years. Father and son were active members of the community; David was a Councillor and Mayor of Thorold.

The McMillan family owned the property from 1922-1960. Dr. Wm.H.McMillan used the downstairs for his office while the family lived upstairs. He was Thorold’s Mayor, and in 1951 he was elected MP for Welland riding. His son Don also a Doctor, served as Thorold’s Mayor.

33 Front St. South was used as Martin’s Book Store from 1948-60; the Ker Family operated Ker’s Book & Stationery Store and owned the building for 26 years; later it became Tatarnic’s Book Store.

Architectural Value

Although the exterior has seen many changes, particularly during the 1940’s, the building continues to connect to the streetscape through its scale, business use and linear connectivity.

Map to the Property

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